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Gen. TY Buratai’s Admonishment to Troops of the Nigerian Army Grossly Misconstrued

Gentlemen of the Press,

  1. Our attention, at the Mahatma Ghandi Peace Foundation, has been brought to the malicious campaign of calumny against The Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Tukur Buratai on social media and online platforms on his counsel to troops of the Nigerian Army against wrong practices in the fight against insurgency in the Northeast.
  2. Gen. TY Buratai has proven to be a highly experienced General who hitherto his appointment as the Chief of Army Staff, distinguished himself in previous command positions as competent and a professional Soldier of high repute. An indefatigable Army Chief with enormous capacity as Gen. Buratai cannot be oblivious of the fact that indiscipline and lack of patriotism among officers and men would relinquish the spirit of professionalism in the Army.
  3. Gen. TY Buratai deployed his immense experience in security policy guidelines and military network to mold the military into a formidable fighting force. This was manifested on his swift recalibration in the security operational strategies as a top priority on assumption of office as Chief of Army Staff in 2015, to reposition the Army under his command for professional efficiency.
  4. The COAS is committed to extinguishing the threat of terrorism and insecurity across the country, and thus invested reasonable efforts within available resources at his disposal in prosecuting the war against terror in the Northeast, with enormous sacrifices where many gallant soldiers paid the supreme price in defense of fatherland.
  5. The determination to completely obliterate the insurgents engendered the reappraisal of the commitment of troops following the recent setbacks against the military with a view to solving it. Consequently, Gen. Buratai indentified apathy as key factor. It is in realization of this that the Army organized a transformational leadership workshop to enhance officers and troops professionalism, commitment and efficiency as mitigant.
  6. The job of military service, in itself, is intended to be the very example of order and discipline. And as Chief strategist of the Army, Gen. Buratai’s solemn obligation is to equip the Army with necessary tool and training to win fight while never losing their moral compass. Patriots do no attempt to abridge the codes of conduct that the nation’s fighting men and women have lived by for decades.
  7. The COAS did what is required of him as a duty to the military and country. Any failure on his part as Commander to spur his troops would betray the basic ideals and undermine decades of precedent in military history that has contributed to operational successes.
  8. It is therefore unreasonable and unfair to castigate and malign the integrity of Gen. Buratai in the media on account of his honest assessment and appraisal on elements that had seemingly chosen to undermine the effort of the military in service delivery. A professional armed service is not staffed by professional philosophers, loud civic naysayers or the barroom politicians who spend their time ‘devil’s advocating’.
  9. The Army Chief is a Patriot, a professional Soldier who has demonstrated capacity and sagacity in military administration. The Army under Gen. Buratai carved a niche as evident in the well coordinated functioning of Command and Control. The COAS revived the lost norms and values of the Army with refined military ethics which resulted in a substantial decimation of the enemies and banished remnants to the fringes of the Chad basins. And on his watch, the military recovered all Nigeria territory hitherto in the control of terrorists in the Northeast. Buratai’s achievement in the fight against insurgency is indisputably unprecedented.
  10. Impugning and maligning the Army Chief on the ongoing war against insurgency will dampen the spirit and morals of the gallant soldiers at the trenches in the frontlines. Nigerians should cultivate energies and impressed it on the Federal Government and the Legislature to support the Army in providing adequate equipment, troops’ welfare and logistics. These are necessary ingredients in addition to professionalism and patriotism which amiable Gen. Tukur Buratai identified for effective performance.
  11. Gen. Buratai and the Army’s determination to end the war remained solid and unshaken. And as Professional soldiers, it is an ideal they are prepared to die for. We call on all Nigerians to remain law abiding and calm in the face of the palpable anxieties and support the military as patriotic citizens.
  12. And lastly, Mahatma Ghandi Peace Foundation commends Gen TY Buratai and the Military for the enormous sacrifice at ensuring the safety of lives and properties of all Nigerians.

14). We thank you all.

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