Middle Belt Ex-servicemen Commends Chief of Army Staff for Professionalism and Patriotism

The conference of ex service men in the middle belt region have commended the chief of army staff, Lt Gen Turkur Buratai for professional conduct and transparency in the discharge of his official duties. The group in a statement by its president Obonyilo Uluko and made available to newsmen in Abuja said, the commendation became necessary on the backdrop of mischievous reports in the social media following the patriotic suggestions of the chief of army staff on the need for more commitment by troops in the war front against terrorism.

He emphasized that , in the military, sincerity, dedication, honesty and loyalty are the major values that define ones patriotism to the nation. He further insisted that the chief of army staff has demonstrated that patriotism by the example of his sincerity and wondered why some sections of the media would avail themselves for use by elements antagonistic to government efforts in tackling insecurity.

We as ex service men who sacrificed for this nation believe that military leadership deserves support more than vilification especially at times such as this. We believe that unless the media is independent , our democracy is threatened.

We have therefore decided to throw more light on the controversy surrounding such patriotic suggestions by the army chief because, it remains in the best interest of the nation for us to do so. In other climes, the chief of army staff would have been rewarded almost immediately by that demonstration of courage and uprightness .We believe in the foresight of president Buhari who has always led by the moral high ground to continue to support the military leadership so as not to be deterred by the gimmicks of the complex political shenanigans of the system as orchestrated by enemies of the nation.

We appeal that given the current stability in the middle belt, south south, south west and the north East, the security apparatchiks should be maintained so as to consolidate on the existing gains.

Mr president sir, no nation is devoid of security challenges, hence it is the existence of such challenges that gives responsibility to the president and commander in chief of the armed forces and his service chiefs. We are pleased that the current service chiefs understands your mandate with Nigerians and have so far demonstrated the will to execute it to the pleasure and safety of Nigerians.

He further urged Nigerians to censor every opinion expressed by media before spreading it, as misleading narratives would expose us to external enemies.

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